For Children and Youth

The loss of a parent through death, or a changed parental relationship through divorce or separation, is a traumatic experience for children of all ages. In dealing with these losses, they may become withdrawn, fearful, insecure, act out for no apparent reason, become confused or depressed, and often blame themselves.

Beginning Experience programs provide help and support to work through these emotions. A safe, secure environment allows caring acceptance and feelings of community to blossom. The aim of each program is to help sort out the feelings of loss and pain, while strengthening self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Upcoming Events

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Young People’s Beginning Experience®-Event 2414-Oregon
Date Begin: July 12, 2019
Date End: July 14, 2019

Weekend fee of $75 is for deposit only. That will hold your place for the event. Balance will be due upon start of Weekend. Dismiss