Coping with Life Alone in the Beginning (one-day)

“Coping with Life Alone in the Beginning” is a one-day program led by Beginning Experience® teams. While it is designed to assist those with new losses, anyone is welcome to attend. The program can also meet the ongoing need to reach the broken-hearted who may not be able to attend the full “Coping with Life Alone” 10-week program. It will also help to increase awareness of the widowed, separated and divorced about the Beginning Experience Weekend program. The program focuses on being alone and loneliness, the grief process, and trust.

For further information prior to registering, please go to the Programs tab -> Find a Program and select the team offering the program. There you will find contact information for that team.

Upcoming Events

USA Texas San Antonio

Coping with Life Alone in the Beginning (1-day)-Event 3916-San Antonio
Date Begin: July 30, 2022
Date End: July 30, 2022

USA Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Coping with Life Alone in the Beginning (1-day)-Event 4072-Pittsburgh
Date Begin: July 09, 2022
Date End: July 09, 2022