Logo & Emblem

There are two graphic images, the logo and the emblem, that identify Beginning Experience International Ministry, Inc., and each of its teams as part of that ministry.

 Beginning Experience® Emblem

The original Beginning Experience® logo now serves as the organizational emblem.

The cross symbolizes our identification as Christians with Christ’s suffering and death.

The anchor is an ancient symbol of hope.

The rising sun symbolizes the beginning of a new day.

Beginning Experience® Logo

Our logo, made of six similar images, exemplifies a peer community
of support by others, each of whom has experienced a similar loss.

The purple image with a white cross represents Christ walking
beside us as we journey through grief to healing.
The green color reflects the promise of new life.

Our Tagline – listen.accompany.heal

Listen – we provide a quiet space where you can share the pain of
your loss

Accompany – we are able to walk with you because we have been
where you are

Heal – we offer a process for finding peace and meaning in life again