Beverly; Charleston, South Carolina

As a counselor, I thought I had dealt with my husband’s death. On my weekend, I realized that I had never cried for my loss. Beginning Experience was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Barbara; Singapore

I was lost and frightened after I left my husband. I found a sense of peace at Beginning Experience and I am getting stronger each day.

Jim; Phoenix, Arizona

I went to Beginning Experience after my divorce. It was amazing! It got me out of the obsessive cycle of beating myself up. I recommend it all the time.

Anna; Alexandria, Louisiana

As a widow of 7 years, I was skeptical about going to Beginning Experience. I felt no one would understand my pain. The weekend literally saved my life. I found the peace I so longed for.

Susan; San Diego, California

I was divorced – the worst thing that ever happened to me. Beginning Experience centered me in my faith, and got me through feelings of rejection, loneliness and anger.

Bill; Sun City, California

My wife of 38 years passed away two years ago. Beginning Experience allowed me to completely accept my wife’s death and move on with my life.

Mary; San Jose, California

I had divorced and Beginning Experience sounded like a way to regain my self-image. I found just what I needed – the hope that I could recover and start my life again.

Vera; Grand Rapids, Michigan

It had been two years since my husband’s death. I saw a notice in my church bulletin and decided to try Beginning Experience. I needed healing and this was where I found it.

Deb; Perth, Western Australia

I came to Beginning Experience after I separated. I was able to let go of years of pain, frustration and guilt. I am much happier now, and able to express myself in a way that is whole and complete.