Listen.Accompany.Heal ~~ Peer grief resolution for separated, divorced and widowed persons, and children of these losses. ~~

Summer Conference for Beginning Experience® Teams

July 22, 2023

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Beginning Again Webinar

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  Pope Francis on Coping with Loss

“In the People of God, by the grace of his compassion granted in Jesus, many families prove by their deeds that death does not have the last word: this is a true act of faith. Every time a family in mourning – even terrible mourning – finds the strength to guard the faith and love that unite us to those we love, it has already prevented death from taking everything. The darkness of death should be confronted with a more intense work of love. ‘My God, lighten my darkness!’ is the invocation of evening prayer. …

Fr. Dick Mevissen CSsR Spiritual Director

Questions from a Wounded Heart

Answered by Fr. Dick Mevissen CSsR

These twelve reflections flow out of my long association with divorced persons and those who minister with them in a ministry which strives to assist people to find healing in the midst of almost overwhelming grief and anger associated with the painful end of a marriage in divorce.
-Fr Dick Mevissen

Q: Why am I being punished?

Q: Where is my church when I need it most?