How you can help someone who is grieving

When someone you know has experienced the loss of a spouse, you may experience a great deal of certainty.  While we may wish to be helpful, we may not know what to do or what to say to be of comfort to the grieving person.  Here are some suggestions:


I’m sorry.

I care about you very much.

Trust yourself.

It’s okay to cry or be angry.


  • Simply listen. Also accept silence.
  • Allow your friend the time it takes to grieve.
  • Invite your friend to a quiet dinner.
  • Offer to take the kids for a while.
  • Just be available and sit quietly with your friend.

Learn about resources:

  • Support groups
  • Counselors
  • Clergy
  • Beginning Experience® programs

Assure your friend that the pain does not need to be carried alone.