Learning to Live Again, Book cover: Learning to Live Again2010 edition

by Sue Carpenter, Earl Frawner, Gene O’Brien and Pal Waugh with introduction, commentary and epilogue by Judith Tate O’Brien

Every marriage ends. Interrupted by death or torn by divorce, a shattered union thrusts people into the trauma and turmoil of grief. This book is written for those experiencing this loss. Those who minister to the grieving will also find it helpful.

With unedited honesty, four real-life individuals tell their stories of life or love’s end — and new life beginning. And from these four voices we learn of the power released in sharing and the hard truth of the saying that “the only way out is through.”

“Grief is ugly,” says Judith Tate. “And the journey through it is excruciating. When people have worked through it, they will bear scars. But they will also feel cleansed, unburdened and full of hope.” 

Learning to Live Again is a book filled with reality, with promise, with hope.

This book was first published in 1979, but because the stories within are shared so deeply and honestly, the feelings of loss and pain are timeless.  You will meet the authors as they relate their personal stories of the journey through the darkest times in life to a point where life is good again and the future is faced with joy and hope. And in this edition, you will meet them again in the present, discovering what has happened to them in the intervening years and where they are now.

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