Coping with Life Alone ONLINE

“Coping with Life Alone Online” is a 10-week grief support program offered over the Internet. It is intended for those who are unable to attend a program in person whose loss is new or who are now just starting to deal with a loss, and/or for those not yet ready for the Beginning Experience Weekend. The sessions focus on such topics as the grief process, changes in family and other relationships, trust, and coping with memories of the deceased spouse or dealing with the former spouse.

For further information prior to registering, please go to the Programs tab -> Find a Program and select the team offering the program. There you will find contact information for that team.

Upcoming Events

USA Kansas Greater Kansas City

Coping with Life Alone ONLINE-Event 4214-Greater Kansas City
Date Begin: August 15, 2022
Date End: October 10, 2022