Beginning Experience

The next Beginning Experience
of Connecticut weekend is:

 Mar 3 - 5, 2017

St Thomas Seminary
Bloomfield, CT


of Connecticut

"Help and Hope for the heartache of finding yourself alone again"


        We provide a weekend away to resolve the loss of a loved one through separation, divorce, or death. The pain of loss is one of life's most traumatic experiences - there is a special heartache for those who find themselves alone again. You may feel an unbearable sense of loneliness, or feel left out by your church, uneasy around married friends, or unsure and uncertain about your future. 

         A Beginning Experience weekend program will bring you hope for a new beginning. You will emerge from the darkness of grief and the feelings natural to grief into an experience of positive growth. Through God, and with the assistance of a team of people who share their own journey of suffered loss, you will experience a new sense of community in a supportive atmosphere of loving care and concern.




CONTACT: Victoria, 860-993-7866 or by email: [email protected]





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